Product Name : Kemflo Alkaline Water System-White (5 Filters)
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Product SKU BV1B20
Brand MagicPure
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Product Name : Kemflo Alkaline Water System-White (5 Filters)

Product Code : BV1B20

Price    RM 988.00


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Service Life     Filter 1 = 9 Months

11” Kemflo In-line Sediment Filter (I Type)

Effectively filter out smaller impurities to prevent obstruction provide protection.


Filter 2 = 1 Year

11” Kemflo In-line Pre-Carbon Filter (I Type)

While removing chlorine and organic materials from water, the cultar activated carbon in these filter stand up to the absorption common in this kind of filter, and it provides final filtration


Filter 3 = 1 Year

11” Kemflo In-line Silver-Carbon Filter (I Type)

Combination of activated carbon and silver activated carbon (Which is composed of silver impregnated carbon) kills bacteria, viruses and other similar forms of microorganism and prohibits bacteria growth inside the filter.


Filter 4 = 18-24 Months

11” Kemflo In-line Alkaline Filter (I Type)

The converter maintains PH balance of the water to alkaline water, which is physically good for health.


Filter 5 = 1 Year

10” AICRO Small Carbon

* Chlorine Taste & Odor Reduction

* Maximum Flow : 75 GPM

* Maximum Pressure : 125 Psi

* Maximum Temperature : 100°F

* Note : Do not use where the water is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the unit

Warranty         1 Year